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How good is a 25 on the ACT?

I got a 25 on my ACT and I'm not sure how good that is. Can anyone give me some insight on how it compares to other scores and how it might impact my college applications?

13 days ago

A 25 on the ACT is considered a fairly good score. It places you in the 78th percentile of all test-takers, meaning that you scored higher than 78% of students who took the exam. While this score may not make you competitive for the most selective colleges and universities, it still demonstrates a solid grasp of the material covered on the ACT.

As for how your score might impact your college applications, it's important to consider the schools you are interested in applying to and their average ACT score ranges. For less selective and mid-tier colleges, a 25 could be right in line with their averages or even above, which puts you in a strong position for admission. However, more selective colleges generally have higher average ACT scores, often around the 30-34 range, and if you're aiming to apply to such colleges, it might be a good idea to retake the test in an attempt to boost your score.

It's crucial to remember that test scores are just one aspect of your college application. A strong application should also include a solid GPA, robust extracurricular activities demonstrating commitment and leadership, compelling essays, and strong letters of recommendation. Colleges typically take a holistic approach when reviewing applications, and your ACT score will be viewed in the context of your overall profile.

Before making any decisions, I recommend researching the average ACT scores for your target schools and assessing how your score aligns with these averages. If you find that your score is within the middle 50% range for these schools, then your chances are comparatively better. If not, consider retaking the test or focusing on other aspects of your application to strengthen your profile.

13 days ago

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