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Delaware State University GPA requirements

Hi, I'm considering applying to Delaware State University next year. Does anyone know what the GPA requirements for admission are? I'm trying to gauge if I have a decent shot at getting in. Thanks in advance!

13 days ago

Delaware State University (DSU) requires at least a 2.0 for admission. Just having a 2.0 doesn't mean you'll be admitted, though. Looking at the profile of admitted students can give you a better idea of your likelihood of being accepted.

The average high school GPA for incoming freshmen at DSU is around 3.2. If your GPA falls around or above this mark, you would be considered a competitive applicant.

That being said, it's important to remember that admission to DSU is not solely based on your GPA. The university looks at various elements, such as your test scores (if submitted), high school course rigor, extracurricular activities, and essays (if required for your program). So, if your GPA is a bit below the average, you can still have a chance at being admitted if you have strong components in other areas of your application.

Good luck with your applications!

13 days ago

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