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ASU Typical SAT Score Range?

Hi all! I'm applying to Arizona State University next year, and I'm curious about their average SAT score range. What kinds of scores do successful applicants usually have? Just trying to gauge my chances here. Thanks in advance!

13 days ago

Hello! Arizona State University (ASU) has a fairly wide range of SAT scores for admitted students since it has a moderately selective admission process. Generally, the middle 50% SAT score range for admitted students falls between 1100 and 1320. This means that 25% of admitted students scored below 1100, while another 25% scored above 1320.

Keep in mind that these numbers are just a guideline, and ASU also considers factors other than test scores during the admissions process, like your high school GPA, course rigor, extracurricular activities, and personal statement. It's essential to have a well-rounded application to increase your chances of admission.

With that said, if your SAT score is within or above the mentioned range, you'll have a good chance of being considered for admission at ASU. If your score is a bit lower, focus on strengthening other aspects of your application to make it more competitive. Good luck with your application!

13 days ago

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