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What's a good selection index score for the PSAT?

Hello everyone! I recently got my PSAT scores, and I'd like to know if my selection index score is competitive or not. What's considered a good selection index score, and what are my chances of securing a National Merit Scholarship?

13 days ago

A good selection index score on the PSAT generally falls within the top 1-2% of test takers in your state, as the National Merit Scholarship Program uses this score to determine eligibility for their scholarships. A competitive score varies by state, as the cutoff for National Merit Semifinalist status is set on a state-by-state basis. Selection index scores typically range from around 209 to 223 for Semifinalist status, but again, this varies by state.

Keep in mind that securing a National Merit Scholarship is a multi-step process. If your selection index score meets the Semifinalist cutoff, you will progress to the next round of consideration. Semifinalists must then submit a National Merit Scholarship application, which includes a recommendation from a teacher or counselor, your transcript, an essay, and SAT scores that confirm your PSAT performance.

From there, a number of Semifinalists are chosen as Finalists, and some of the Finalists go on to receive National Merit Scholarships. It's worth noting that merely becoming a Semifinalist or Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program can be an accomplishment that adds distinction to your college application, even if you don't ultimately receive a scholarship.

To summarize, a good selection index score for the PSAT depends on your state's cutoff and should be within the top 1-2% of test takers in your area. If your score is competitive, you'll have an opportunity to advance further in the National Merit Scholarship process. Good luck!

13 days ago

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