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Is transferring worth it if I don't like my current college?

Hey everyone, I'm a freshman at a pretty good college, but I really don't feel like I fit in here. I've been considering transferring to a different school that I applied to and was accepted into last year. Is it worth it to transfer, and how will it look to future employers if I switch schools after only one year?

9 months ago

Hello! It's completely normal to feel uncertain during your freshman year, especially when you're still adjusting to a new environment. Transferring can be a good option if you believe that another college would better suit your needs, interests, and overall wellbeing.

Before making a decision, evaluate your current college experience deeply. Consider both the academic and social aspects and determine if giving it more time will help you feel more at home. Reach out to clubs, participate in social events, or even try talking to professors and advisors who might guide you through this process.

Regarding future employers, they're more likely to pay attention to your skills, grades, internships, and overall accomplishments rather than focusing on the fact that you transferred. If anything, your ability to recognize that a particular school wasn't the right fit for you and taking the initiative to transfer can be seen as a positive trait.

In any case, your happiness and wellbeing should be your priority, so if transferring would significantly improve your college experience, it may be worth considering. Good luck with your decision!

9 months ago

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