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Do Ivy League schools interview all their applicants?

Hi all! I'm starting to think about college interviews, and I've heard that Ivy League schools may interview applicants. Does every applicant get an interview, or is it only for certain students? I'm feeling a bit nervous about this whole process, so any advice would be appreciated.

9 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're thinking about college interviews, since they can be an essential part of the admissions process. While most Ivy League schools do aim to interview a large number of their applicants, they may not be able to interview every single one. The number of interviews granted can vary based on factors such as geography, interviewer availability, and the number of applicants.

Generally, the interviews are conducted by alumni volunteers in your area, and it's important to remember that not receiving an interview is usually not a negative reflection on your application. If you do get an interview, it's a great opportunity to show your genuine interest in the school, share more about your accomplishments and qualities that may not be fully captured on your application, and ask any questions you have about the school.

For now, focus on being yourself and preparing for potential interviews by practicing common questions and reflecting on your experiences. Good luck in the college application process!

9 months ago

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