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How does the college waitlist work?

Hi everyone, I'm in the process of researching colleges, and I've heard about the concept of the waitlist. Can anyone explain how the waitlist works, what my chances are if I'm on it, and what I can do to improve those chances? Thanks!

9 months ago

Hi! The college waitlist is essentially an admitted student backup plan for colleges who need to fill their incoming class. When a college has more qualified applicants than available spots, they may place some students on a waitlist, which means you haven't been outright rejected or accepted.

If some admitted students decide not to attend, the college will turn to the waitlist to fill those spots. Chances of getting off the waitlist vary from year to year and depend on the number of admitted students who decline their offers. Typically, more selective colleges do not admit a large percentage of waitlisted applicants.

To improve your chances, it's a good idea to update the college with any new accomplishments and demonstrated interest, like sending a letter of continued interest expressing your enthusiasm for the school. However, don't rely solely on the waitlist, ensure you have other college acceptances to fall back on. Best of luck with your college applications!

9 months ago

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