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Would you consider Tufts a research university?

Hello! I'm a junior exploring college options. I'm focusing on research universities and came across Tufts. Does Tufts offer the research opportunities and facilities that I'm looking for as a part of my undergraduate experience?

9 months ago

Hey there! My son is currently an undergraduate student at Tufts, and he's involved with research in his field of study. From what I've seen, Tufts definitely offers research opportunities for undergraduates in various disciplines.

The university has numerous research centers and institutes and encourages students to collaborate with faculty members on various projects. They also offer the opportunity for students to pursue their own research interests during the school year or summers, with funds available for student-initiated projects through the Undergraduate Research Fund.

Of course, research opportunities may vary depending on your major or area of study. It's important to look into the specific department you're interested in, speak with students and faculty, and explore opportunities they offer. However, from what I've experienced with my son, Tufts seems to be a place where undergraduates have access to excellent research facilities and opportunities.

Best of luck in your college search!

9 months ago

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