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How can I find out if a college offers a specific major?

Hi all! I'm interested in pursuing an uncommon major (marine biology) and I'm having some difficulty figuring out which colleges offer this program. How can I easily find a list of colleges offering this specific major? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're interested in marine biology, and I'm happy to help you find colleges offering this major. One of the most efficient ways to find colleges with specific majors is by using college search websites. Many websites like College Board's BigFuture and CollegeVine have search features that allow you to filter by major, such as marine biology.

Alternatively, you can try doing a simple Google search like 'colleges with marine biology major' to get a preliminary list of colleges to explore. Just remember to double-check the college's official website to confirm the availability of the major.

Best of luck with your college search and enjoy exploring the exciting world of marine biology!

9 months ago

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