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Do Ivy League schools value students who start their own clubs?

I'm considering starting a club at my high school related to environmental awareness and activism. I'm passionate about the cause, but I'm also wondering if Ivy League schools appreciate applicants who take the initiative to create their own clubs. I'm particularly interested in schools like UPenn, Cornell, and Dartmouth. Thanks for any insight!

9 months ago

Starting a club at your high school shows initiative and leadership, which are qualities that top colleges, including Ivy League schools, appreciate in their applicants. Your passion for environmental awareness and activism will also come across as genuine if you invest your time and effort in creating and managing such a club.

Each Ivy League school has its unique values and approach to selecting students, but they generally look for well-rounded individuals who are not only academically strong, but are also engaged in extracurricular activities. Your interest in UPenn, Cornell, and Dartmouth is a good indicator that you understand the importance of being diverse in terms of experiences.

Creating a club can have a positive impact on your application, but it's not just about starting a club—it's also about how much impact the club has on your school or community. Make sure to set goals for your club and work hard to achieve them with your members. Focus on making a difference and share the progress you've made in your college application to demonstrate the value you can bring to a college campus.

9 months ago

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