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Will my artistic pursuits help me with STEM college admissions?

Hey friends, I'm super passionate about science, and I'm aiming for a top college to study biology. I also love painting and have won several local art competitions, but I'm not pursuing an art major. Is it worth mentioning my art accomplishments in my application if I'm aiming for a STEM major?

9 months ago

Absolutely! Showcasing your artistic pursuits alongside your passion for biology will help you present a more well-rounded application to colleges. Admissions officers are looking for diverse individuals with various interests, and your painting accomplishments are a testament to your creativity and dedication.

Moreover, demonstrating skills in art can complement your STEM-focused application by highlighting your ability to think outside of the box and approach problems from a unique perspective. For example, my child, who is currently in college, has a strong interest in both engineering and photography and has been able to synthesize the two passions into several projects during their studies.

So definitely don’t hesitate to mention your art accomplishments. They may just set you apart from other candidates and give you an edge during the admissions process. Good luck!

9 months ago

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