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What are the definitions of reach, match, and safety schools?

Hey guys, I've seen the terms 'reach,' 'match,' and 'safety' schools tossed around here quite a bit, but I'm not entirely sure about their definitions. Can someone please explain what they mean? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hi there! I'd be happy to help explain the terms 'reach,' 'match,' and 'safety' schools.

A 'reach' school is one where your academic credentials (GPA, test scores, etc.) fall below the school's average admitted student profile. These schools are more competitive, and while you still have a chance of getting in, the odds are lower.

A 'match' school is one where your credentials are close to or within the ranges of the school's admitted students. These schools have a reasonable chance of admitting you, and you fit well with their enrolled students' average profile.

A 'safety' school is one where your credentials are above those of the school's average admitted students. These schools have a higher likelihood of admitting you, as you exceed their typical admitted student profile.

9 months ago

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