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Is it worth it to apply Early Decision (ED) to a reach school?

Hey guys, I'm considering applying ED to Cornell, but my stats are a little below average for their applicant pool. I heard that applying ED might give me a better chance, but I'm scared that I might waste my ED opportunity on a school that's too much of a reach. What do you all think? Is it worth applying ED to Cornell?

9 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're considering your application options. Applying ED can indeed increase your chances somewhat, for a few reasons. First, it shows your dedication and commitment to attending that school if you are accepted. Second, none of the spots in the class have been filled yet, which won't be the case for the Regular Decision cycle. Third, schools care about their yield rate (the percentage of students that says yes to their offer of admission), and anyone they accept ED is an automatic "yes."

However, it's important to balance your enthusiasm for a particular school with a realistic assessment of your chances of getting in. Consider using CollegeVine's chancing algorithm (https://www.collegevine.com/admissions-calculator) to get a better sense of your exact chances, and if your chances don't look great, think about what's more important: taking your best shot at this school, even if you're not likely to get in, or using your ED opportunity on a school that you may be a little less excited about, but have a better shot at. Additionally, consider your financial situation and whether you're comfortable committing to a school without being able to compare financial aid offers.

Remember, many students have successfully gained admission to their dream schools even if their stats weren't quite what the school typically looks for, in part through spending significant time polishing the other aspects of their application. If you believe your essays, activities list, and rec letters will showcase your strengths and genuine desire to attend Cornell, it might be worth taking the chance and applying ED. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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