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Should I prioritize improving my GPA or test scores?

Hey all, I'm a junior, and I'm trying to figure out what I should focus on before I start applying for colleges. I feel like my GPA and test scores could both use some improvement, but I'm not sure which one should be my top priority. Any advice on which is more important for college admissions? Thank you in advance!

9 months ago

Hi there!

It's great that you're thinking ahead and planning for college. Both GPA and test scores are important for admissions, but they serve different purposes. Your GPA showcases your overall academic performance and consistency, while test scores give a snapshot of your aptitude in specific subjects.

Consider your current GPA and test scores, and assess where you have the most room for improvement. If your GPA is significantly lower than that of successful applicants at your target schools, you might want to prioritize boosting your grades. On the other hand, if your test scores are relatively weaker, it might make sense to focus on improving those.

If the discrepancy is about the same, prioritize your GPA, as it reflects your academic achievements over four years, rather than on just one particular day, and thus gives schools a better sense of what you'd look like every day in their classrooms. Plus, many schools have remained test-optional even after the coronavirus pandemic, so if you're still not happy with your scores when application season rolls around next year, you don't have to submit them, but your transcript will be required.

Good luck with boosting your academic profile, and feel free to ask any more questions!

9 months ago

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