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How do I decide which college to apply to?

There are so many colleges out there, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. How did you guys decide which colleges to apply to? Any tips or advice you can share would be really helpful!

9 months ago

Hey there! It's totally understandable to feel overwhelmed when initially trying to decide on which colleges to apply to. There are a few factors you might want to consider as you start drafting your school list:

1. Location: Do you want to stay close to home or experience living in a new region? Would you prefer a city, or a more rural area?

2. Size: Would you prefer a small college with close-knit communities, or a large university with a wide range of resources and activities?

3. Majors/programs: Look for schools that offer strong programs in your intended major or area of interest.

4. Financial aid: Research schools that offer generous aid packages, if affordability is a concern.

5. Campus culture: Visit campuses, attend college fairs, and talk to current students to get a sense of each school's atmosphere.

Good luck with your search, and remember to trust your gut when making the final decision!

9 months ago

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