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Duke University: Research opportunities available?

Hi! I've been considering applying to Duke University, but I could not find much information on whether it's a research university or not. Can someone provide insight into research availability for undergrad students?

9 months ago

Hello! It's great to hear that you're considering Duke University. Yes, indeed, Duke is known to be a research-driven institution with numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research experiences across various fields of study.

Duke's commitment to research is evident through initiatives like the Undergraduate Research Support Office (URS), which connects students to research opportunities and provides funding for faculty-mentored projects, summer stipends, and conference travel grants. Their annual event, 'Visible Thinking', showcases undergraduate research accomplishments and can be a great platform for sharing your work with a broader audience.

Furthermore, Duke has several research-focused institutes and centers that touch on interdisciplinary areas, opening up opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and majors. I recommend checking out Duke's research website and reaching out to professors within your field of interest to learn more about potential research opportunities.

9 months ago

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