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Submitting a writing portfolio with my college application?

So, I'm really into creative writing and I've won a few regional awards for my work. I'm planning on majoring in English or Creative Writing. Would it be a good idea to include a portfolio of my writing in my college application, or should I just stick to discussing it in my essays? Any advice from someone who's submitted a portfolio would be amazing!

9 months ago

It's great to hear that you have a talent for creative writing and have been recognized for your work! Considering that you plan on majoring in English or Creative Writing, submitting a writing portfolio could be a fantastic way to showcase your talents and set yourself apart from other applicants.

Before you decide to submit a portfolio, check the submission guidelines for each school you're applying to, as the requirements and policies may vary. Some colleges may have specific portfolio guidelines or supplementary material requirements for specific majors or programs. Make sure your portfolio is in line with those guidelines so that it stands out in the best possible way.

As for the portfolio itself, focus on quality over quantity. Choose your very best pieces – ones that showcase your unique voice, creativity, and writing style. Additionally, consider getting feedback from your teachers, mentors, or peers to ensure your portfolio highlights your strengths as a writer.

Even if you submit a portfolio, don't neglect discussing your passion for writing in your essays. It's essential to show how important writing is to you, how it has shaped your experiences, and how it will continue to impact your future endeavors. Best of luck with your application process!

9 months ago

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