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Is art an appropriate extracurricular activity for college applications?

Hey, I've been taking art classes outside of school and regularly participate in local art competitions. I'm unsure if I can include this as an extracurricular activity on my college application. Your thoughts? Thanks a lot!

9 months ago

Absolutely! Engaging in art is definitely a valid extracurricular activity that adds value to your college application. Colleges appreciate students with diverse interests and skills, and having a passion for art can show your creativity and dedication to personal growth.

I've seen how my own child gained recognition for her artistic pursuits during her college application process. Your participation in art classes and competitions reflects your commitment and shows that you're willing to challenge yourself outside of school. Just make sure you detail your achievements and time spent on this activity in your application.

By all means, include your art experiences in your list of extracurricular activities. It will amplify the uniqueness of your application and demonstrate your wide-ranging talents.

Best of luck!

9 months ago

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