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Trying to gauge if Columbia is a research university?

I am currently a junior and really want to engage in research work during my undergraduate years. Is Columbia University a research university? How are the research opportunities for undergraduates?

9 months ago

Yes, Columbia University is definitely a research university! In fact, it's a member of the prestigious Ivy League, which is well-known for its research focus. The university has a solid reputation for offering undergraduates numerous research opportunities across a variety of disciplines.

From sciences to humanities, you'll find that faculty members at Columbia are often involved in cutting-edge research. As an undergraduate, you can benefit from these opportunities by getting involved with labs, research projects, and even independent studies. You might also want to check out the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships office, which helps students find research opportunities and apply for fellowship programs.

Columbia also offers numerous research-related events, such as presentations and workshops, where you can learn more about conducting research and network with faculty and other students in your field. Overall, if research is your passion, Columbia University should definitely be on your list of colleges to consider.

9 months ago

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