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Is it a bad idea to apply to too many colleges?

Hey guys! I'm a junior, and I've been researching colleges a lot lately. I've got a pretty big list of schools that I'm interested in, but I'm worried that applying to too many might be a bad idea. I've heard stories of students applying to 20+ schools. Is that a bad strategy? How many colleges would you suggest I apply to? Thank you for your input!

9 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're being proactive about your college search. Having a lengthy list of colleges is not necessarily a bad thing, but applying to too many schools can be both time-consuming and expensive. When it comes to application fees, cost can quickly add up.

I would suggest aiming for a balanced college list, typically around 8-12 schools. This should include a mix of reach, target, and safety schools. Reach schools are those where your chances of being admitted are lower, target schools are those where you have a reasonable chance, and safety schools are those where you're very likely to be accepted.

My child used this approach when applying to colleges, and it helped keep the process more manageable. Remember, quality is more important than quantity, so focus on schools that best fit your preferences and future goals. Good luck!

9 months ago

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