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How can I showcase leadership skills on my application?

Hi all, I've heard that demonstrating leadership skills is important for college applications. What are some ways I can showcase my leadership skills, even if I don't hold an official leadership position at school? Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you!

9 months ago

Hi there! I completely understand your concern about showcasing leadership skills, as it's an essential aspect of college admissions. You don't need to hold an official position at school to demonstrate your leadership qualities.

Consider discussing group projects or extracurricular activities where you've taken the initiative to lead or coordinate efforts. For example, if you've guided a group through a challenging project or organized an event outside of school, be sure to highlight that experience in your application.

Additionally, you could start a new club or organization related to your interests, which showcases your ability to create, lead, and manage. Don't forget to emphasize any unique successes or positive outcomes that resulted from your leadership efforts.

9 months ago

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