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How many AP classes should I take to be considered for Ivy League schools?

I'm a high school junior who's trying to figure out how many AP classes I should be taking to be competitive for Ivy League admissions. Is there a recommended number of AP classes that would maximize my chances of being accepted? Thanks for any advice!

9 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're already looking into planning your curriculum to be competitive for Ivy League admissions. However, there isn't a specific number of AP classes that will guarantee your chances of being accepted into these schools. These institutions focus on more than just the number of AP classes you've taken; they also evaluate your extracurricular activities, essays, recommendations, and how you contributed to your school or community.

That said, it is essential to challenge yourself and demonstrate your ability to excel in rigorous coursework. A good starting point is to take as many AP classes as you're comfortable with, while still maintaining a high GPA and having time for extracurriculars. Remember, it's essential to have a balance between your academics and other aspects of your life.

For instance, my child took six AP classes, but I know of other successful applicants who took more or fewer. Ultimately, it's about the quality of your work and the effort you put in, rather than just the sheer number of classes. Good luck on your academic journey, and don't forget to make the most of it!

9 months ago

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