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Do colleges prefer applicants with AP classes?

Hey! I was just wondering, do colleges really prefer applicants who have taken AP classes? Are they significantly better than honors classes in the eyes of college admissions officers? Thanks!

9 months ago

Hey! It's great that you're asking about AP classes. The short answer is yes, colleges generally like to see applicants who have taken AP classes because they show that the student is willing to take on more challenging courses. AP classes are seen as college-level courses, so doing well in them can demonstrate to colleges that you're ready for the academic rigor of college life.

However, the preference for AP classes doesn't mean that honors classes aren't valuable. Honors classes are still challenging and can still impress colleges, especially if AP courses aren't offered at your school or are not available in the specific subject you are interested in. Ultimately, colleges want to see that you've taken the most challenging classes available to you and have done well in them.

9 months ago

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