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Can I submit the same essay for different scholarships?

Hello everyone! I have written a pretty strong essay for one scholarship, and I found another scholarship that has a similar prompt. Can I submit the same essay for both scholarships, or should I write a new one for each? Thanks in advance for your help!

9 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're applying for multiple scholarships. If the prompts are similar, it might be tempting to use the same essay; however, I would advise against it. It's always best to customize each essay to the specific scholarship or organization as much as possible. Even if the prompts seem similar, there may be subtle differences in what they're looking for, and tailoring your essay to each one can improve your chances of success.

One approach you can take is to use parts of your original essay as a starting point and then revise or expand upon specific aspects to better suit the new scholarship's requirements. That way, you're still saving some time but also taking the opportunity to make your application more targeted. Remember that reviewers will appreciate the effort you put into tailoring your application to their specific scholarship.

9 months ago

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