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How do I choose a strong opening sentence for my college essay?

I want to make sure my college essay starts off strong and grabs the reader's attention. How do I come up with a captivating opening sentence? Any tips or examples would be greatly appreciated!

9 months ago

Great question! A strong opening sentence is indeed crucial to grabbing the reader's attention and setting the stage for your college essay. To create an impactful opening sentence, consider beginning with a story, a question, or a statement that generates curiosity.

One strategy is to start with an anecdote that highlights an experience related to the subject you plan to discuss. By doing this, you'll immerse the reader in your narrative. For example:

'As I plunged into the icy water, I realized how important it was to push my boundaries and face my fears.'

Alternatively, you could open with a question to engage the reader and set the tone for the essay. For instance:

'What does it take to turn an ordinary meal into a culinary adventure?'

Another approach involves using a thought-provoking statement that piques the reader's interest:

'If I were ever asked to describe myself in one word, it wouldn't be one word at all: it'd be a mathematical constant.'

Remember to be authentic and creative with your opening sentence. Good luck with your college essay!

9 months ago

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