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What would be the reason for getting rescinded due to grades?

I've heard of students getting their college acceptances rescinded because of bad grades. How bad do the grades have to be? I'm worried because I don't want to potentially lose my spot at my dream school.

9 months ago

First, take a deep breath. It's normal to be worried about losing your spot at your dream school, but remember colleges understand that students can face challenges during their senior year. That being said, let's address your question.

College admissions offices do monitor students' final grades, and a significant decline in academic performance could result in the rescission of an offer. Still, rescinding is usually reserved for extreme cases. For example, multiple failing grades might be a cause for concern, but a slight drop in some of your grades might not raise any red flags.

It's essential to maintain your academic performance during your senior year. Try to keep your grades at a similar level to when you applied. If you face circumstances beyond your control that negatively affect your academic performance, it's crucial to communicate with your college and be honest about the situation.

An example from my experience: my son's friend had a drop in his grades due to a family emergency, but he reached out to the college to explain the situation and kept them informed throughout the process. The college appreciated his honesty and kept the offer open.

In conclusion, while a severe decline in your grades could risk your admission, don't panic. Stay focused on maintaining your academic performance and communicate with the college if necessary.

9 months ago

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