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Do specific major rankings matter when choosing a college?

Hey guys, as I start to make my college list, I'm torn between schools with highly-ranked specific majors (e.g. engineering) and schools known more for their overall reputation. Should I prioritize schools with higher-ranked majors that I'm interested in, or focus on more well-rounded institutions?

9 months ago

Hello! Your question is quite common among students trying to finalize their college lists. While it is understandable to gravitate towards schools with highly-ranked specific majors, it's essential to consider the broader picture when making your decision.

For instance, your interests may change during your college years, so attending an institution known for its well-roundedness could benefit you in the long run. College is not only about academic pursuits, but also the campus environment, resources, and opportunities for personal growth.

However, if you're confident in your major and career path, attending a college with a highly-ranked program in that field could provide valuable connections and experiences specific to your goals.

In summary, both aspects have their merits. Consider what is most important to you and discuss with your family, teachers, and counselors, who can give you additional insights and advice. Good luck!

9 months ago

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