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Tips on explaining bad grades to colleges?

Hey everyone, I'm currently a junior, and I had some rough personal issues during my sophomore year that really affected my grades (mostly C's). I'm doing much better now, and my grades are back up, but I'm worried about how those bad grades will look. How can I effectively explain this to colleges when I apply? Should I mention it in my essays or somewhere else on the application? Thanks for any help!

9 months ago

It's great to hear that you've bounced back and improved your grades! It's not uncommon for students to face personal challenges and experience a dip in their academic performance. You can address this in the 'Additional Information' section of your application, where you can briefly mention the personal issues you faced and how they impacted your sophomore year. Be honest, but concise, as the additional information section isn't intended for you to just write another personal statement.

Utilizing this section will allow you to keep the focus on your achievements and successes elsewhere in your application. However, if you believe your situation is central to your personal growth or identity and you want to build your personal statement around it, you may decide to do so. In that case, be sure to emphasize resilience and personal growth, rather than your struggles.

Regardless of which approach you choose, remember to keep the tone of your application overall positive, by highlighting your strengths, progress, and commitment to succeeding in college. Good luck!

9 months ago

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