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I attended a summer program at an Ivy League school, will it improve my chances?

Hey guys, I went to a summer program at Dartmouth last year and I'm wondering if attending a summer program at an Ivy League school will improve my chances of getting admitted. Do they give any preference to students who have attended such programs? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

9 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you attended a summer program at Dartmouth. Participating in such programs can help you develop your interests and skills, as well as give you a taste of college life. However, when it comes to improving your chances of admission, it's not necessarily a significant advantage.

Ivies, like Dartmouth, generally don't give preference to students who have attended their summer programs. Admission committees focus on a holistic review of applications, which means they take multiple factors into account, such as your grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, essays, and more.

That said, the experiences you gained from the program could still benefit your application indirectly. For instance, if you've learned something valuable from the program, you can mention it in your essays, which might showcase your passion and commitment to a specific area of interest. Additionally, it could be a conversation topic during interviews, which could help you make a meaningful connection with your interviewer.

Best of luck with your college application journey!

9 months ago

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