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Should I have someone else read my college essay before submitting?

I've been working on my college essay and I'm wondering if I should have someone else read it before I submit it. Is it a good idea to get feedback or should I trust my own judgement?

9 months ago

It's definitely a good idea to have someone else read your college essay before submitting it. Getting feedback can help you identify areas for improvement, catch errors, and ensure that your essay accurately represents your thoughts and experiences.

Choose someone who knows you well, like a teacher, counselor, or family member, to review your essay. They can provide valuable insight into whether your essay sounds like you and if it showcases your personality and achievements.

It's also helpful to ask someone who has experience with college essays or strong writing skills, as they can help you with structure, grammar, and clarity. For example, my high school English teacher was an excellent resource for me when I was working on my college essay. She gave me feedback on my writing and helped me make my essay more engaging.

Remember to take the feedback with an open mind, but also trust your instincts. It's your essay, and you want it to be a true reflection of yourself. Good luck!

9 months ago

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