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Does submitting a music supplement help?

I'm not planning to major in music, but I'm skilled at playing an instrument and interested in participating in music ensembles in college. Would submitting a music supplement to non-music programs give me a slight edge in admissions, or would it not make any difference?

9 months ago

Hi there! I can see that you're passionate about music, and I think sharing that passion can be a positive addition to your college application, even if you're not planning to major in music. My own child submitted a music supplement in a similar situation, and it seemed to work to her advantage.

While submitting a music supplement isn't a guarantee of an admissions edge, it can help showcase another facet of your personality and your dedication to your interests. Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who can contribute in various ways, so demonstrating your commitment to music could indeed make a difference.

Keep in mind though, that the main focus is still on your academic record and extracurricular involvement. A music supplement should be seen as a complementary addition, not a replacement for your core application components. Good luck with your applications and your music!

9 months ago

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