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Reapplicant: How can I show that I've improved since the last application cycle?

Hey there, I applied to my dream school last year but was rejected. I'm planning on reapplying, and I want to show them that I've worked on improving myself since my last application. Is there a certain section or essay where I should focus on this improvement? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

It's great that you're determined to reapply to your dream school and show your improvements! There's not necessarily a specific section that focuses on this topic, but you can integrate your growth and achievements into your entire application.

For instance, you can mention the new accomplishments and experiences you've had since your previous application in your updated resume and/or extracurricular activity section. Moreover, you can use your personal statement to showcase personal growth, new insights, and any lessons you've gained from those experiences.

You might also ask your teachers, who are writing your letters of recommendation, to emphasize your improvements and the steps you've taken to better prepare yourself for college. Furthermore, consider reaching out to the admissions office directly to provide an additional letter explaining your growth and determination since your last application.

Make sure to connect your improvements with your passion and future goals to paint a compelling picture of why you're a stronger candidate now. Good luck!

9 months ago

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