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What do Ivy League schools specifically look for in an applicant?

I'm a junior planning to apply to several Ivy League schools next year, and I'm curious about what factors they prioritize. I know they're extremely competitive, but which aspects of my application should I focus on to give myself the best chance of being admitted? Any advice would be appreciated!

9 months ago

Ivy League schools are indeed extremely competitive, and they take a holistic approach to admissions, meaning they consider all aspects of your application. While a high GPA and strong test scores are essential, it's important to focus on other parts of your application that can help you stand out, such as your extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation.

When choosing extracurriculars, consider activities that demonstrate your passion and commitment to a specific area, as Ivies are often interested in students who can contribute meaningfully to their community. For example, a student who has been participating in and eventually leading a community service project for several years will probably make a more significant impact on admissions committees than one who has only been in a handful of clubs for a short period.

Your essays are also a crucial opportunity to showcase your personality and share your story. Be genuine and provide a unique perspective that helps admissions officers get to know the real you. Lastly, remember to build strong relationships with your teachers and mentors, as their recommendations can help corroborate your achievements, character, and growth. Good luck with your applications and feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

9 months ago

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