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How bad do my grades have to be in order to get rescinded?

I'm a bit stressed right now because I just got accepted into my dream school, but my grades this semester aren't looking too hot. What's the likelihood that I could get rescinded? How bad do my grades need to be before the college considers rescinding my acceptance? Any insights would be appreciated.

9 months ago

First, congratulations on getting accepted into your dream school! That's a great accomplishment. It's natural to feel stressed, especially during your final semester.

While it's true that colleges do reserve the right to rescind an acceptance, the likelihood of this happening often depends on your specific circumstances. Colleges understand that senioritis can be a real issue, but they still expect you to maintain a strong academic performance.

Generally, if your grades slip below a C or you end up failing a required course, a college might take notice. The more your grades drop and the more required courses you don't meet, the higher the chance of your acceptance being rescinded. That said, every college has its own thresholds and policies. To ease your concerns, you might want to check with the admissions office at your dream school and ask about their standards for maintaining an accepted offer.

Keep working hard, stay focused, and try to finish strong to avoid any potential issues. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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