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Chances of Ivy League admission with excellent extracurriculars but mediocre GPA?

I have a pretty incredible list of extracurriculars from leadership positions to seriously committed volunteer experience, but my GPA isn't what I'd consider 'Ivy League worthy.' Are my extracurriculars enough to make up for my lackluster GPA, or should I be focusing on improving my academic performance before applying?

9 months ago

Although excellent extracurriculars can certainly make your application stand out, Ivy League colleges place a significant emphasis on academic performance. It's great that you have strong extracurriculars, but a below-average GPA could potentially hurt your chances of admission.

It's important to remember that GPA is just one factor considered during the admissions process, along with standardized test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation. If your GPA is lower than the typical admitted student, you might want to focus on improving your academic performance. By raising your GPA, you will show the admissions committees that you're capable of handling the academic rigor of their schools.

That being said, continue to stay involved in your extracurriculars to demonstrate your dedication and commitment. And when the time comes to apply, highlight those accomplishments in your application and essays. But remember, it's always good to diversify your college list, so don't limit yourself to only Ivies. Make sure to include a range of options where your academic standing still makes you a competitive applicant.

9 months ago

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