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Can you emphasize artistic talent when applying to a STEM-focused college?

Hey there, I'm really passionate about pursuing a STEM major (specifically engineering), but I also have a strong background in the arts. Is it worth showcasing my artistic abilities when applying to primarily STEM-focused schools, or should I focus only on my academic and technical achievements? Thanks for any input!

9 months ago

Hey! It's great to see that you have diverse interests and talents. I think showcasing your artistic abilities in addition to your academic and technical achievements can be a real asset during the application process. STEM-focused schools appreciate well-rounded students who possess talents in various fields, as it adds diversity and richness to their campus communities.

For instance, my child who's currently attending a well-known engineering college, had a strong background in music and performing arts in addition to their STEM achievements. They included their artistic experiences in their application and discussed how their passion for the arts could contribute to a more vibrant campus life. The college recognized the value of their diverse skill set and welcomed them with open arms.

Remember, the application process is all about presenting your authentic self. By sharing all aspects of your passions and achievements, you provide a fuller picture of who you are. So don't hesitate to highlight both your STEM and artistic accomplishments! Good luck!

9 months ago

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