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Do colleges prefer a certain type of art for applicant portfolios?

Hi there! I'm planning to apply to art schools, and I was wondering if there's a preferred style or certain type of art that looks better in a portfolio. Should I focus on variety or more on my preferred style? Thanks for any guidance!

9 months ago

Hello! It's great that you are looking into applying to art schools. As for your question, it's important to remember that colleges appreciate diverse portfolios that show your skill set and creativity. While art schools may not specifically prefer any one type of art, they value seeing your strengths, passions, and growth as an artist.

Including different mediums and styles in your portfolio is beneficial as it shows versatility and your willingness to explore different techniques. That being said, it's crucial to showcase your preferred style too since it's what sets you apart and demonstrates your unique artistic voice.

When my child applied to art school, they made sure to include a mix of their strongest pieces in their favorite style alongside works featuring different techniques and mediums. This strategy proved successful, and they were able to show the admissions committee their artistic range while staying true to their own personal style.

Remember, each art school may have different portfolio requirements and preferences, so it's best to research each program and if possible, reach out to their admissions officers for guidance. Good luck with your applications and keep embracing your artistic journey!

9 months ago

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