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How can I stay organized during the college application process?

Hi there! I'm a junior who's feeling a little bit stressed about staying organized during the college application process. What tips or tools do you recommend to help me keep track of everything? Thanks for your advice!

9 months ago

Hey! I totally understand how stressful the college application process can be. When my child went through it, we found a few things that really helped us stay organized.

First, we created a master calendar (you can use Google Calendar, a physical calendar, or any app you prefer) for all the important deadlines like SAT/ACT test dates, application deadlines, and scholarship deadlines. This allowed us to see everything at a glance and make sure nothing slipped through the cracks.

Second, we created a spreadsheet to track all of the colleges we were applying to, along with their requirements (like number of recommendation letters, essays, etc.). This helped us stay on top of each application's unique needs.

Lastly, we set aside dedicated time each week to work on the applications, so we didn't get overwhelmed. Just remember to break the process down into manageable tasks and give yourself plenty of time to work on them.

Good luck!

9 months ago

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