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Is pursuing art outside of school an extracurricular activity?

Hi all, I've been passionate about art and I've been taking art classes outside of school. Would that be considered an extracurricular activity for college applications, or should I look for something more structured? Thanks!

9 months ago

Absolutely! Taking art classes outside of school is definitely considered an extracurricular activity. Colleges value applicants who display a passion for their interests and are engaged in activities beyond the classroom. Your art classes show dedication and commitment to your passion, which is something colleges appreciate.

You might also want to consider participating in other art-related opportunities, such as school clubs, community events, or art competitions to further showcase your passion. This can help paint a more complete picture (pun intended) of your involvement in the art world.

Best of luck on your college applications, and keep pursuing your artistic passions!

9 months ago

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