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Can anyone confirm if Duke University is a research university?

I'm compiling a list of research universities and am wondering if Duke University is classified as one. I'm planning to apply there and want to understand if research is a significant part of their academic programs.

9 months ago

Yes, Duke University is indeed classified as a research university. It is well-renowned for its strong research focus across various disciplines. As a student, you can expect to find numerous opportunities to engage in research during your undergraduate years.

For example, Duke has the Duke Undergraduate Research Society (DURS) and the Undergraduate Research Support Office (URS), which help students find research opportunities within various departments on campus. Additionally, many professors are engaged in cutting-edge research and are often open to including undergraduate students in their projects.

In summary, research can be a significant part of your academic experience at Duke, if that is a priority for you.

9 months ago

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