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Do colleges use AI plagiarism detectors for evaluating college essays?

Hi there, I'm working on my college essays and was wondering if colleges use some kind of AI detector to check for plagiarism or if they just have admissions officers read them and manually look for similarities. Thanks!

9 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're putting thought into your college essays. To answer your question, yes, many colleges do use AI plagiarism detectors to scan college application essays. These tools help them ensure the authenticity of essays submitted by applicants.

However, keep in mind that admissions officers will still be reading your essays closely. Their experience and expertise enable them to notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies that might indicate plagiarism or ghostwriting.

My advice would be to always write an original essay, reflecting your own thoughts, experiences, and voice. This will not only help you pass any plagiarism checks but also impress the admissions officers with your genuine approach.

Good luck with your essays!

9 months ago

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