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Is participating in an art club a valid extracurricular activity?

Hi! I've been part of my school's art club since freshman year, and I love it. Will colleges see this as a valuable extracurricular activity, or should I focus on something more academic? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hello! It sounds like you're very passionate about your art club, which is wonderful. Participating in an art club is indeed a valid extracurricular activity. Colleges value diverse interests and appreciate students who are well-rounded. They like to see what you're passionate about and how you spend your time outside of academics.

In addition to the art club, it's a good idea to balance your extracurriculars by taking part in other activities - it could be academic or something else that you enjoy. My child balanced their love for art with a few other activities (like volunteering and a sport), and they're currently attending a great college. Just remember to follow your passions and not just participate in activities for the sake of looking good on your application. College admissions officers can tell when a student's involvement is genuine, so stay true to yourself. Good luck!

9 months ago

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