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What’s your process for researching colleges and universities?

I'm in the thick of compiling my college list right now, and I'm really not sure how to even begin researching all these colleges and universities. How do you guys go about it? Are there specific criteria that you prioritize? As someone who is planning to major in political science, what factors should I be considering?

9 months ago

Hey there! Researching colleges and universities can feel like a daunting task, but breaking it down into manageable tasks can be really helpful. First, consider your priorities and preferences: Do you have a preferred location or school size? Do you want a university with robust internship and job placement opportunities? Take these factors into consideration when narrowing down your list.

For political science, you may want to prioritize schools with strong Political Science departments, internship opportunities in political organizations or government, and extracurricular activities related to your field. Look up course offerings, faculty profiles, and research opportunities on their websites.

One helpful tool is to use college search engines such as CollegeVine, where you can input your preferences, intended major, and academic profile to get personalized recommendations. Additionally, reaching out to current students/alumni of the schools you're interested in can provide you with an insider's perspective. College fairs and attending virtual tours/college events can give you a better understanding of the school culture and academic offerings.

Best of luck in your research, and enjoy the process!

9 months ago

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