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Is it okay to discuss mental health struggles in my college essay?

Hello, everyone! I'm brainstorming ideas for my college essay, and I was considering writing about how I overcame mental health struggles during my high school years. Do you think it's wise to discuss mental health issues in a college essay, or should I choose a safer topic? I'm seriously torn, so any advice or insights would be appreciated!

9 months ago

Honestly, discussing mental health in your college essay can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it may demonstrate your resilience and growth through adversity. On the other hand, some schools might be concerned about your ability to adapt to college life, which could be stressful.

If you decide to write about your mental health journey, focus on the positives that have come from your experience. For example, you could discuss how overcoming your struggles allowed you to become a stronger, more empathetic person. Make sure to also emphasize the strategies and support networks you've developed to manage your mental health, demonstrating that you're well-equipped to handle future challenges.

That being said, if you have a different essay topic that you feel just as passionate about, you might consider choosing that one instead. In the end, the most important element of your essay is being genuine and showcasing your unique perspective.

9 months ago

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