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Do all Ivy League applicants receive interviews?

Hey guys, I'm currently applying to some Ivy League schools and I was wondering if all applicants receive interviews or only certain ones. If not everyone gets one, what factors determine who gets an interview? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hi! Congrats on applying to Ivy League schools; it's an exciting time for you. To answer your question, while most applicants to Ivy League schools are offered interviews, not everyone receives one due to various factors. Interviews are typically conducted by alumni volunteers, and the availability of these volunteers determines the number of interviews that can be conducted. Therefore, some applicants might not receive an interview simply because of the interviewer's availability and location.

It's important to know that the absence of an interview does not negatively impact your chances of admission. The admissions committees understand the limitations of the interview process and take that into account. If you do receive an interview, it's a great opportunity to provide additional information about yourself and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the school. Just remember, the interview is just one component of the holistic admissions process and it's a chance for both you and the school to get to know each other better. Good luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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