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Do we know if Harvard classifies itself as a research university?

Hi all, I'm a junior curious about the various types of universities out there. I was wondering whether Harvard considers itself a research university, and if so, what makes it stand out from other research institutions? What kinds of research opportunities are available at Harvard for its undergrads? Looking forward to your insights!

9 months ago

Hi there,

Yes, Harvard is classified as a research university, and it is one of the most prestigious and well-known research institutions in the world. What sets Harvard apart from other research universities is its rich history, world-renowned faculty, and extensive resources to support undergraduate and graduate research.

As an undergraduate at Harvard, you'll find numerous research opportunities in a wide range of fields. These can include working with professors on their research projects, participating in internships, or creating your own independent research project with faculty guidance. In addition to this, Harvard provides various resources for research, such as the Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) which offers funding and support for students engaged in research.

Ultimately, your experience at Harvard will depend on your interests and how you choose to get involved in research, but the opportunities are abundant and varied. Good luck in your college journey!

9 months ago

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