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Would Penn State be classified as a research university?

Hey guys! I've been thinking about applying to Penn State and wanted to know if it's classified as a research university. I'm interested in meteorology research, and I'm trying to decide whether Penn State is a good fit for my academic goals. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!

9 months ago

Hi there! Absolutely, Penn State is indeed classified as a research university. In fact, it's well-known for its strong research programs across various disciplines, including meteorology. Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, which houses the meteorology and atmospheric science program, is highly regarded for offering tailored academic experiences and research opportunities to undergraduates.

Many students engage in research projects, faculty-guided research experiences, or internships, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting. As you're interested in meteorology research, I believe Penn State would be an excellent fit for your academic goals! Don't hesitate to reach out to the department or schedule a campus visit to learn more about their meteorology offerings and research facilities. Good luck with your college search, and I hope you find the perfect fit for your interests!

9 months ago

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