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What does an 88 GPA look like?

Hey guys, my current GPA is 88, but I'm not sure what that means in the grand scheme of things. How does this compare to the standard 4.0 scale? And should I be concerned about how it will affect my college applications?

14 days ago

Hey! An 88 GPA typically translates to a 3.3 or a B+ average on a standard 4.0 scale. Different schools calculate GPAs differently, and some may use weighted scales, so you should check with your school to identify how it translates grades to GPA.

In terms of college applications, how it affects you largely depends on where you're applying. More selective colleges have a higher average GPA for admitted students, usually around 3.7 to 4.0 (unweighted) range. However, that doesn't mean you won't be considered. Remember that colleges take into account a variety of factors like extracurricular activities, test scores, personal statements, recommendations, and more.

You should focus on maintaining or improving your GPA during your remaining time in high school. Demonstrating an upward trend in your grades looks good to colleges! Also, aim to build a well-rounded application that showcases your strengths, interests, and accomplishments outside of the classroom.

Lastly, when choosing schools to apply to, target a mix of reach, match, and safety schools so you have options that cater to different GPA ranges and acceptance rates. Good luck with your college applications!

14 days ago

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