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What majors does Albertus Magnus College offer?

Hi, I've been looking at Albertus Magnus College and was wondering what majors they have to offer. Does anyone have any information on their programs? Thanks in advance!

14 days ago

Hi there! Albertus Magnus College, a private liberal arts college situated in New Haven, Connecticut, offers a variety of majors across various fields of study. Some of the categories in which they provide various majors include:

1. Arts and Humanities: Art, Communication, English, Graphic Design, Philosophy, and more.

2. Business: Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Sport Management, and others.

3. Education and Human Services: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Human Services, Sociology, etc.

4. Natural and Applied Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and more.

5. Pre-Professional Programs: Pre-Dental, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Pre-Veterinary.

Albertus Magnus College also offers several interdisciplinary and flexible programs to align with your personal and professional goals. Additionally, the college provides online and accelerated degree programs, which can help you complete your degree at a more rapid pace while managing your other responsibilities.

You can find a detailed list of Albertus Magnus College's undergraduate programs on their website to ensure you have the most accurate and current program offerings. This will give you a better idea of the comprehensiveness of their academic programs and aid you in determining if the college might be a good fit for your educational goals. Best of luck!

14 days ago

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