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Should you title your college essay?

Hi everyone! As I'm finalizing my college essays, I realized I haven't added any titles to them. Is it recommended or required to include a title for your college essay? Will it make a difference in the way admissions officers view my application?

9 months ago

Hello! I can understand your concern about wanting to make your college essays stand out. When my child was applying to colleges, we had the same question. The truth is, there's no hard and fast rule about including a title for your college essay. Some students choose to add one, while others don't.

It's important to focus more on the content and structure of your essay than the title. Admissions officers are interested in understanding who you are and what makes you unique, and they'll be looking for that in the body of your essay. If you do decide to include a title, make sure it's concise and relevant to your essay's main theme.

Ultimately, whether or not you include a title for your essay is up to you. Just remember to focus on telling your story in a way that showcases your personality, experiences, and growth. Best of luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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